DizzyFIX treats spinning vertigo

dizzyfixonhat Clearwater Clinical Limited has developed an amazing devise for patients suffering from spinning vertigo. Clinical tests show that this Canadian medical device, the DizzyFIX, has 88% success rate.

The device treats the spinning vertigo using a specific series of head and body positions known as the Epley Maneuver.

Clearwater Clinical Limited has won accolade for its device. Now people can take control of their lives through a simple, self-directed vertigo treatment. Click to view media coverage of this unique, drug-free BPPV treatment.

Healthguru.com offers the largest health video library on the web

pregnancy-gurulogo Internet has become a valuable resource for knowledge and information. People are using  Internet for  finding  information on different topics.  It has been observed that a large number of people use web for finding essential information on the key medical conditions. There are thousands of websites and blogs that regularly publish articles and posts on different topics.

 Healthguru.com is one such website. It regularly publishes health information videos.

Healthguru.com has become a credible and trustworthy source of information on the key medical conditions such as STDs, pregnancy, sports health, drugs & alcohol, and mental health. There are many valuable informational tools on its website.

Pregnant women can find invaluable information on this website.  You will find a wide selection of ‘Pregnancy Health Videos’ on different topics. The topics are as follows:

Fertility & Conception

Fetal Development

Life during Pregnancy

Pregnancy Safety

Labor & Delivery

The high quality videos on the above mentioned topics have made Healthguru.com a leading health website. You will like the information contained in the videos.  A team of highly educated doctors are on their panel of experts.  Register today to get the latest health news.

This easy to navigate, content-rich website has a category navigation menu to facilitate  visitors in their searches

Gina Kopera, Master Herbalist and Author, publishes tips for selecting herbal remedies

Gina Kopera Herbal remedies are used by people in large numbers to get relief from some common problems such pain, bloating, indigestion, sinus pressure, headaches, and constipation, heartburn and menstruation problems.

I have personally used some of Herbal remedies and found them very effective.

Some people buy herbal remedies after the seeing the advertisements. For these people , Gina Kopera has published tips for consumers on her website for selecting natural remedies.

Gina Kopera is a well known master herbalist and author. She owns a company called Ginas Corner.

Ginas Corner provides high quality natural herbal remedies consumers.

Looking for air purifiers for mold?

Are you looking for something to prevent and neutralize the mold smell?

Experts say that must install a good purifier to this. It is said that mold formed in basement and other areas send out spores into air These spores cause allergies and respiratory problems. If you need more information on this, you should visit aircleanersguide.com.
Aircleanersguide.com has tips and resources to help you understand your problem and select air purifiers for mold.

Study shows cancers may grow and disappear.

A study published in the Nov. 24 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine tells us that some cancers may grow and then shrink again and disappear.

Authors of the study believe that frequent screen often increase the trouble of women. Screen-detected breast cancers would not ever lead to death from breast cancer and are unnecessarily diagnosed and treated.

Infrared Saunas

Studies show that Far Infrared Saunas therapy can help in detoxification of toxins and weight loss. These Infrared Saunas emit far infrared radiant heat which can treat numerous medical conditions. I recommend you to buy good quality saunas.You can buy a good quality Infrared Sauna from Midwestsaunas.com. They sell a wide variety of saunas which uses advance technology to generate radiation. I recommend you to buy ‘Del Mar Far Infrared Sauna’. It has good glass doors and chromotherapy lights and comes with exclusive Carbon Wave 360 heating panels.

Midwestsaunas.com is owned by Dr. Stuart and Barb Hoover. Dr. Stuart can give you dietary guidelines and nutrient support to achieve your goals.

NewHope Bariatrics

It is horrifying to know that a large number of American people have become morbidly obese. Doctors say that morbid obesity causes many medical problems. I would like to tell these people to approach an experienced bariatric surgeon to discuss their problem. Study shows that lapband surgery results in significant weight loss in individuals.NewHope Bariatrics has two well equipped clinics in Charlotte and Kansas City. Bariatric surgery is performed in these centers by three highly experienced surgeons. If you look at the profiles of Dr. Stephen Malley, Dr. David Voellinger, Dr. C. Thomas Hitchcock, you will be impressed by their excellent and professional backgrounds. The center has professional staff members who deliver compassionate Bariatric services.

When a person approaches a Newhope surgeon, he makes a personalized program for him after seeing his condition. However, I would recommend you to attend their seminars. This will enable you to understand LAP-Band surgery and meet clinical professionals and patients in a casual, comfortable setting.

Looking for an experienced bariatric surgeon?

It is said that obesity can cause many medical problems. I read in June’s Reader’s Dgest that a large number of American population have become obese. It is said that more than million Americans have become morbidly obese. A lot of people develop medical problems because of obesity. People who do not control their obesity often die.Surgeons have developed many laparoscopic weight-loss procedures which can reduce weight in obese persons. They can lead a normal life if they bring a little change in their lifestyle. You might have heard of LAP-BAND® System, the REALIZETM Band, and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedures. All these procedures are performed to reduce weight of an obese person. Surgeons select the procedure on seeing a patient’s medical condition.

Experts advise that one must select an experienced surgeon for weight-loss procedure. Otherwise, they will have to undergo gastric bypass revision procedure.

I will tell you an experienced and skilled bariatric surgeon with a distinguished background who has performed thousands of laparoscopic weight-loss procedures with good results. His name is is Dr. Spivak. It said he can perform laparoscopic weight-loss procedures and gastric bypass revision procedure with ease. He is a reputable surgeon and has received many awards for his research.