Brave Deepa is helping more than 80 students to pursue their dreams

Deepa Malik is a brave woman. She is a resident of Maharashtr. Her father was in the army. She was living a normal life. A tumor developed in her spine, which made her disabled. She faced great difficulty in her life after her illness, but that did not deter or discourage her. She underwent three operations, but they were not successful. Her illness paralyzed her lower part of her body. She had to use a wheelchair for movement. 

She managed to put her life back. Her beloved husband her greatly. She did not feel helpless. She opened a restaurant in a small village. By the grace of god, her business flourished. She used the money earned from her restaurant business to finance the educational expenses of poor village students.A number of students were abled to go to colleges because of her. More than 80 students are studying at her expenses in schools and colleges.