ISI should produce the detainees with evidences in the court

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has accepted two petitions against the country’s Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence.  I wonder how did Chief Justice plucked up courage to take petitions against the powerful agency because these cases will reveal the some of the darkest operations to scrutiny.

One of the case is about the missing persons. These persons have been detained by ISI since 2010. ISI says these people are involved in anti-state activities. The Supreme Court has asked to produce these people in the court.

The second case is about ISI’s involvement in the formation of a political alliance against Benazir Bhutto. For this persons, it is alleged that the organization had distributed $6.5 m dollars among parties leaders.

ISI has not right to keep people in prolong detention. If these people have committed any crimes, they should be produced before the honorable court with evidence.  Relatives of the detainees accuse that their loved ones are being tortured. Some allege that they have been executed. Specially in Baluchistan, where a number of missing persons have been dumped on roads after executions.

Recently, a letter appeared in the Express Tribune, written by a former army officer that these people were not angels. I agree with him that they might have committed crimes, but this does not give them authority to kill them this way. The nation wants to know what they have done.