Diamonds international is leading diamond retailer

Diamonds international has emerged as the leading retailer of diamond jewelry. I recommend this retailer because it does not use conflict diamonds in their pieces. It buys diamond directly from De Beers Diamond Trading Company.

The company sells jewelry, watches and pens. Recently, it has added Tanzanite line of jewellry in its inventory. I am sure people will like the stunning pieces in the collection.

It supports a lot charity organization too.

Design your own Jewelry pieces using the cutting-edge 3D design software

CustomJewelryIndiana based jeweler has established a new custom jewelry design studio. Buyers can work with jewelry professionals to design their jewelry pieces. I think it is a unique approach to attract new customer in this bad economy. They bought a new computerized design system for this purpose. This studio is located inside their store.

Customers can create the customized pieces using the cutting-edge 3D design software. They can select size, shape, and color. Images Jewelers  will make pieces on the final approved design.

This innovative new custom jewelry design system is sued by handful jewelers across the United States.

Why is Antigua jewelry popular?

Diamonds International’s Antigua jewelry has become very popular among people because of their unique designs.  As we all know that the of port of Antigua has pristine beaches. Its scenic views attracts cruise travelers.

Cruise travelers often buy jewelry from there because duty free pricing.  People can pieces from famous jewelry designers like Asher Collection, Breuning and Candela.