JuD failed to attract people in their rally in Karachi

Jamaat-e-Islami¬† and Jamaatud Dawa staged protest in Karachi against the government’s decision to reopen NATO. Their leaders chanted slogans in favor of Mujahideed in Afghanistan in the rally
JuD organiser Hafiz Kalimullah said:

We are with the mujahideen.

According to reports there were 150 people. It means they failed to enlist support from Karachi’s people. These 150 people chanted slogans against India, US and NATO. They threatened that they would target containers if the government did not listen to their demands.
I fail to understand why these failed groups wanted to impose their will and views on us. The size of the gathering clearly indicated that people of Karachi do not approve of their views.
I am also not happy with what is happening in Afghanistan. Afghans have suffered a lot of because of government and so called Mujaheedeen.  I know we have a weak elected government, but they are trying their best to control the situation.