Karachi Chamber’s demand for immediate clearance of 2500 containers stuck at the Karachi port

The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry submitted details for the immediate clearance of 2,500 containers out of the total 5,700 stuck at the Karachi port. Chairman Zubair Motiwala asked the State Bank Governor again to take action right away because the business was in a very bad situation.

Containers stuck Karachi port
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A meeting will be held on January 23 to discuss the facilitation of importers and the clearance of other levies and charges. Riazuddin, president of the Site Association of Industry, criticized the federation and said that the government is not able to handle the situation well because of the foreign exchange crisis.

The Pakistan Yarn Merchant Association has urged the State Bank of Pakistan to provide special loans with a repayment period of 5 years at zero interest to meet the needs of the industries. The association cited difficulties in the clearance of imported textile raw materials as the cause of concern.

. The letter of credit must be reinstated in order to secure the imported raw materials and resume production. Sohail Nassar, Senior Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Yarn Merchant Association, wrote to Governor State Ninq that polyester filament yarn is an important raw material for textiles and that the manufacturing sector can’t work without it.