Most Pakistanis do not know why do we celebrate Kashmir day

Bolta Pakistan on Aaj news – 5th February 2013

Discussed February 5.

They showed a video clip in the beginning of the, which revealed that most Pakistanis do not why Kashmri say is celebrated. This clip was made 4 years ago.

Nusrat said that we celebrate Kashmir day with fanfare and has formed a committee to celebrate Kashmir Day. He lamented that after more than 4 years when the first clip was shown, people still don’t know what Kashmir day is.

Mustaq Minhas explained that Bhutto sahab give a call for a strike in Kashmir in Feb 5. This strike call was given to tell Public that Kashmiris were happy with Indira-Abdullah deal. Later Benazir declared Feb 5 a holiday.

Javed Nuzrat said an important in his program. He said,’Kashmir Hamari Shehraj hai aur Hamri Daryaon ka Paani wohan se aata hai.

Javed Nusrat told us not old Kashmiris want to merge with Pakistan. There is a sizable number of Kashmiris, which want and independent Kashmir. He gave reference about JKLF.

A caller explained that Azad Kashmir is itself in a mess. Kashmiris will not want to merge with a country, which is a itself in mess.

Mustaq, who is a Kashmiri, tried to explain that it is a national cause, but failed to explain why it is a national cause.

There is no doubt Kashmir should have come with us as per partition agreement. We could not get that part because viceroy ‘s treachery. However, our leaders also sabotage the Kashmir issue.