Cheap Nord Keyboards at affordable prices

Nord makes high quality Nord keyboards. Take a look at its Nord Stage 2 HA88 88-Key Stage Piano. This machine is packed with features. Those who are using this device say that it offers the best organ, synthesizer and sound generation technology. It offers master-level control and comes with 400 programs. It features 5 live buffers and 9 digitally control drawbars.

Nord Keyboards

Its Piano section offers great sampling techniques. This device comes with a Selectable Piano Release function. The organ section uses 3rd generation B3 Organ model.

The Nord Stage 2 offers extra capacity for your favorite sounds, compatibility with the Nord Sample Library, the B3 and transistor organ engine from the C2, and MIDI through USB. All of this in a remarkably user-friendly UI with buttons for all key operations.

Their most popular instrument line is the Nord Stage 2. The Stage 2 truly distinguishes itself as an instrument for the professional performing musician by utilizing the very latest sound generation technology in the three categories of Piano, Organ, and Synthesizer combined with a well-thought-out, user-friendly interface, a choice of premium keyboards, and an almost obsessive level of quality control.

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Popular keyboard brands

Everyone loves music. Most of us have played Casio keyboards. I had one, which was gifted my father’s friend. He brought it from Saudi Arabia.

When I grew up, I saw musicians playing Yamaha keyboards.  Musical functions were very popular in 80s and 90s in Karachi. I saw bands using different types of keyboards.

William Allegro, Casio, Yamaha, Native Instruments and Akai are popular electronic keyboard brands in the market.