On Karachi killings: Shia brothers want to disturbs the peace by their vengeful acts

Last night five young people were mercilously killed near Disco Morr of North Karachi. According to eye witnesses, killers came on rifing motorbikes and fired upon the people sitting on the hotel. I am angry because rangers’ local HQ is on the other side of the road and they did not bother to come and take on the killers. Their silence gives the impression that they knew what was going to heppen.
People are not stupid. They witnssed who were targeted in the differenct years of North Karachi last.
According to my information, these people were killed to avenge the death of shia killings. This view is expressed by many law enforcement officers.
Karachi has been peaceful because of MQM and its leadership. We all have witnessed brutal shia-sunni violence in the city in the past, which susided after the emergence of MQM. Now our Shia brothers want to disturb the peace by their vengeful acts. We are not with the people who are mercilously killing shias in Balochustian or in Gilgit. We condemn their acts.