It is too early to say that Laila Khan has links with LeT.

It is alleged  that former Bollywood actress Laila Khan has links with LeT.  They alleged that she supplied maps and photographs to the LeT. Why don’t media pay attention to the statement of the J&K cops?  Her association with Afghan Khan does not make her a accessory to the crimes.
The real truth is that three miliants were arrested from a car (a Mitsubishi Outlander (registration number MH 02 AY 7867)) which was registered on her mother Saleena Patel’ name. This does not prove that she was involved in the crime. They might have used the car without her knowledge. A family friend Pervez used the car last time. People alleges that he has links with LeT militants.
No one knows where did she go from her shiwara home along with the rest of her family last year. We all know how Indian police and agencies treat people when a name comes up in the investigiation. In a number of cases it has been proved that they falsely implicate Muslims.