Buy Trendy maternity clothes

There was a time when pregnant women had to alter their clothes. Now things have changed. Designers have started introducing maternity clothes for women. Pregnant women can buy designer tops and bottom according to their living styles. Some designers have introduced lingerie too.

There are many online retailers who are offering maternity clothes.

This retailer carries a wide range of maternity dresses, pants, tops and skirts. It has kept its prices reasonable.

Mamimum Mama

mater_mama sells maternity clothes. This online store is owned by a Jamaican native, Paula Mattisonsierra . She established the store in 2000. Her maternity clothes become popular because of good design and high quality fabric. She uses micro-fiber fabrics that stretch to promote comfort and flexibility. She does not use panels in her design.

Now her lines are available in 60+ boutiques nationwide and in Canada. Famous magazines like Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy, KPIX-TV San Francisco, San Francisco Observer, Sacramento Observer and Bay Area Business Women have written reviews on her amazing collection.

Kiki’s Fashions sells trendy maternity clothes

maternit_clothes Kiki’s Fashions is a well known online retailer of trendy maternity clothes. They carry a wide selection of maternity clothing for expecting moms. You will find good quality and stylish top tanks, short sleeves, transitional, bottoms and dresses. They are selling these items at discounted prices. All items are available in small, medium and large sizes. They have priced everything under $30. They are also offering discounts on the orders of 40$, 75$ and $100.

Kiki’s Fashions’ website is very simple. They have included a category navigation menu to facilitate their customers to find items quickly. They have provided front, back and detail images for their customers.