Which Pakistan Roaming SIMS works in Istanbul and Munich?

All Pakistan cellular providers claim they prepaid SIM is prepaid SIMS are preactivated for International Roaming.

I carried three SIMS with me. I have a Jazz , Ufone sims.

When I landed at Istanbul airport. Only Ufone and Jazz were showing signals ‘R’.

Before living for Munich, I called the the helpline of all the cellular providers. Asked them to confirm if their prepaid SIM are prepaid SIMS are prepaid activated.

I only found signals in Jazz and Ufone SIMS.

I will like give a helpful tips to travellers who are visiting Turkey or landing at Istanbul airport for Transfer.

When you land at the Istanbul airport, connect to Vodafone network this way.

screenshot 20230315 1256185065685722744086968

Go to SIM card and Mobile Network and touch on this . It will take you to this screen.

screenshot 20230315 1256304044310375862111665

First change your default SIM card settings. Change Data , voice and SMS to Ufone.

Touch on Ufone SIM card. It will take you to this screen.

screenshot 20230315 1256456943081083594199106
Setting for Roaming

Activate Mobile data and Roaming. They will turn blue on Android. Then chose ‘Choose network’.

It will take you to this screen.

screenshot 20230315 125707133595531319144799

Turn off the automatic network and search the networks available. Select the Vodafone network. It will register the network after few seconds.

Then you will start using the internet.

Activate Ufone Turkey Package This way.

screenshot 20230315 1311533982885836945525709
screenshot 20230315 1312166195460700854207916

When you land at Munich Airport. Dial #506# again and activate the International Roam Again. I did because roaming did not start automatically.

You have balance in Ufone Account.

Zong SIM did not show any signals.

Ufone Helpline will tell you to connect to Telefonica. But this service will not show. Though it send me sms that you are using Telefonica.

screenshot 20230315 1321531263152563439747411

I got this message when I landed at the Munich airport.