Pakistan tries to ease tension

AP reports that Pakistan has informed India that it did not want war. It tried that assure Indians that it is doing its best to fight militancy and terrorism.

President Zardari said told Pakistan nation in a televised speech that we accept that militancy is eroding our society like a cancer. He told Pakistani people that these hardliners were trying to force their agenda on Pakistan people.

Analysts say that Mr. Zardari made that statement to ease tension.

American support for India is angering Pakistani

News reports tells u us Admiral Mullen has asked Pakistan to do more to satisfy the demands made by India. It is reported that he has asked Pakistan authorities to arrests the persons named by the Indian authorities.
The way Americans and European powers are supporting India indicate that they are planning to break. Where were American officials when Modi and associates were butchering Muslims in Gujrat?

Did Americans ever censure India for its human rights violations in Kashmir?

War will bring miseries to India and Pakistan

It appears that India and Pakistan is heading for a confrontation. I urged Indians to tone down their rhetoric. War is will bring miseries to both countries. It will waste resources that could be used for used for lessen the miseries of poor of India and Pakistan.

India should take the matter to the security council if it has evidence to substantiate is claims. India says militants from Pakistan carried out the killings in Mumbai.

India appeals to put pressure on Pakistan to take action against terrorists

India has made an appeal to the International community to put pressure on Pakistan to eliminate Jihadi groups who are carrying out subversive activities inside India. This request was made by Indian Foreign Minister while talking to Indian ambassadors who were called from different capitals to discuss the current situation in the region.

Indian Foreign Ministers also said that if International community failed to persuade Pakistan to take against the militants. Indian will take the matter in its own hands.

In my opinion, Indian demands are justified. Pakistan Army should close all Jihadi Camps in the Azad Kashmir and pay attention to its professional duties. International politics has changed. India is in a better position to do diplomacy. We wasted all times to act as mercenary for the US government. Now they have ditched us for India.

US State Department says Pak Army is under civilian control

The US Department Officials think that Pakistan has come under the civilian control in Pakistan. The statement given by Robert Wood is misleading. The world knows that Pakistan Army rules the country. They install rulers who would obey their commands.

The present fragile and corrupt government in Islamabad will remain in power as long as they follow the commands of GHQ. It is distasteful to say but I have to say that American Administration always supported the army rule in Pakistan. The Bush Administration supported the regime of Musharraf because he followed American orders.

US wants Pakistan to take action against Jamaat-ud-Dawa

The US has ordered Pakistan to comply with the United Nations (UN) Security Council sanctions on militant organizations. The US officials say Jamaat-ud-Dawa is a terrorist organization and carries out terrorist activities.

The US can force Pakistani leaders to ban the activities of Jamaat-ud-Dawa. But it cannot force people from supporting the organization.

The US lectures other countries to follow the resolutions passed by the UN. But it ignores the UN rules when it clashes with its interests. It attacked Iraq without the UN approval.

Do not attack Pakistan

A number of Indian experts and think thanks are advising their government to carry out surgical strikes inside Pakistan.

In my opinion, Indian cannot do this. India like Pakistan is also dependent on western aid and market for its economy. Western powers and the US will not allow India to do that. They think it will divert Pakistan Army’s attention from the war on terror. India cannot afford to make these powers angry.

Give evidence to Pakistan

Pakistan’s Foreign minister has asked India to give the evidence against the suspects of Mumbai attacks. He made this request during a press conference.

Indians have been claiming that they have incriminating evidence against the leaders of LeT. India’s procrastination indicates that it does not have evidence.

Pakistani Foreign Minister said that they could not take action against the suspected people on the basis of media reports and statements.

Stop drone attacks

American Senator Kerry promised to Pakistani authorities that he would ask the new administration to review the policy on drone attacks. Senator Bond said that drone attacks would go on. He tried to justify the drone attacks. He said that we only hit high profile targets.

I urge the new administration to review the policy adopted by the Bush administrations. It is reported that war in Afghanistan and Iraq have consumed $904 billion since 2001. Americans should take their leaders to task for wasting tax payers money this way.