Rice water is good for face, hair and skin

If you boil the rice and throw away its water, then know its benefits today.The benefits of rice water are so amazing that you will forget to throw it away rice

benefits of rice water

Benefits of rice water

If rice water is applied on the face and hair, it makes the skin soft and soft, while the hair becomes silky and straight because rice water contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, which are useful for hair and skin.

In the summer season, excess oil comes on the skin and dust and sweat start to cause nail acne on the face, in such a situation, if the skin is not taken care of, the rash starts coming out and then their dark marks leave stains on the face for years.

Rice water works as the best medicine for nail acne, and also closes the open pores of the skin, for this, wash the rice, filter the water and separate it, then put this water in the fridge and sprinkle it on the face after a while when it cools down.

By doing this, the nails will be removed, the marks of the grains will be removed and the skin will remain hydrated, the color of the rice water also improves and the freckles will also be eliminated.

Tissue or cotton cloth can also be soaked in rice water and kept on the face, repeat this process for 15 to 20 minutes daily.