Who pocketed the profit earned on Shaukat Khanum’s fund?

Imran Khan admitted in court that he put money from Shaukat Khanum’s fund into a private housing project. He said that the board of Shaukat Khanum told him about this, but he can’t remember the name of the project. When the lawyer asked Imran Khan if the board had told him in writing, Imran Khan said he didn’t remember being told in writing at the time.

Shaukat Khanum's fund
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The PTI Chairman stated that the board member paid back $3 million and that the matter was closed. The lawyer stated that the matter does not end there; when 3 million was invested, the dollar rate was 60 rupees at the time, and when it returned, the dollar was worth 120 rupees.

On this occasion, Imran Khan’s lawyer requested that the hearing be adjourned, but Khawaja Asif’s lawyer stated that the hearing had already been adjourned.

Khawaja Asif’s lawyer has raised a valid question.

If they had invested the money, then the profit should have also been returned to Shaukat Khanum’s account.

Three million dollars is a substantial sum of money. It is not easy to take out this amount from Shaukat Khanum’s account and invest it without proper authorization and approval. Publc will not accept the lame excuse given by Imran Khan.

The question is : who pockets the profit on the investment?

A case should be filed against the person who did not deposit the profit earned on the money and instead diverted it to personal accounts.