Looking a shopping mall for Black Friday deals?

Black Friday is approaching. A lot of people in the United States have made this day an annual tradition, and they do a lot of shopping for their families on this day. It has been observed that retailers and shopping malls offer some of the best deals on all sorts of items.

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Internet has created marvelous opportunities for companies and retailers to advertise and sell their products. It has also become a very useful tool for consumers to find the best deals offered by online retailers and shopping malls.

Malletin.com is emerging a leading comparison website for consumers to find Shopping malls, shopping news, promotional information, and social networking. It is a simple and elegant directory. The information on the website has been divided into sections to facilitate consumers in their searchers. The sections are as follows:
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Online Mall

In ‘Today’s section, you will new deals offered by retailers. This section daily updated. They have included a very advance tool which uses Google’s Map to locate a shopping Mall near their homes.

Consumers can find coupons to get discounts on online shipping offered b y different retailers. Retailers can advertise on this shopping portal to drive traffic to their website.