A new product for smokers which pacifies the urge to smoke

A new product Quit-litt™ Lozenges has been launched for smokers in Italy. The new lozenges pacify the smoke in smoke-free-zones. The product has been introduced in the market by Choose Health, Inc.,. The information about the product appeared in the the Business Section of 23rd edition of the Naples Daily News.

Quit-litt is an herbal product. It is derived from Kola Nut extract. It also contains Siberian Ginseng extract and vitamin B-12. When a consumers puts a lozenge in his mouth herbal caffeine derived from Kola Nut extract gives him an energy boost.

Quit-litt is an herbal lozenge which delivers an energy boost using standardized herbal caffeine derived from Kola Nut extract, Siberian Ginseng extract and vitamin B-12. Quit-litt Lozenges are also packaged in a very familiar cigarette-style hard pack.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes injury to a body. My father was a chain smoker. He died because of a lung cancer caused by his smoking habit. I recommend my friends and blog readers to quit smoking. I know it is very difficult to quit a habit. There are many programs available that assist smokers to quit smoking. However, I recommend my friends to try Allen Carr’s Easyway™ Method. Those who have tried Allen Carr method say it is a very effective method to quit smoking.

Understanding electronic cigarettes

Government regulators and medical associations are expressing fear and anxiety over the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes. Some organizations have a guide to understanding electronic cigarettes for consumers. I would like to tell my blog readers that research has not yet found any health effects of using electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are smokeless nicotine products. They are widely used my smokers in public places and banned areas to fulfill their smoking desire.