speaker stands offered by standsandmounts.com.

Digital music systems and home theaters are found in every home nowadays. These systems are available in different price ranges. These are expensive items. Owners of these systems always buy good quality stands and mounts to protect them. Here are some of the speaker stands offered by standsandmounts.com. This popular online retailer is offering three … Read more

top jbl pro

Click here for top jbl pro speakers. This is leading retailer of music instrument and equipment is offering JBL speakers on sale. We all know JBL is one the leading maker of speakers. Take a look at its  JBL PRX615M 15″ 2-Way Active PA Speaker. It has a 15: woofer and 1.5” compression driver. I … Read more

Kustom KPC10MP 10" Powered Monitor Speaker

The Kustom KPC10MP is a 50-watt powered monitor speaker delivers great sound.The company has used a piezo HF driver. This helps in reproducing different types of audio content. It offers  balanced XLR and TRS 1/4″ input jack. It means  one can cannect it with mixers, preamps and keyboards and other devices seemlessly.I have seen youngters … Read more

JBL prx515 2-way power speaker

There is a growing demand for speakers in market because of personal computers. Now people like to watch their favorite videos on their computers. That’s why they always look for compact and powerful speakers. JBL prx515 2-way power speaker is a great product. It delivers good quality sound. It has a 380 mmdifferential drive woofer … Read more

Thinking of buying speakers?

Our computer speakers were burnt because of power surges. You all know the situation of power crisis in Pakistan. My son asked to me to search the Internet select a power but small speakers for computer. I selected an USB powered speaker. It is small, but it gives clear sound. One can buy LOGITECH STEREO … Read more

where to buy Energy speakers?

My brother-in-law has moved to Calgary recently from Kitchener. He was doing his Masters at the Waterloo University. He sold most of his items before moving to the new city. He said that he would buy news ones. Recently, he asked me where to buy energy speakers. His daughter is learning Koran from a teacher … Read more

Samsung makes high quality home theater system speakers

Home theatre Systems have become popular in Pakistan. A large section of Pakistanis living in Karachi and other cities can afford these systems. Professionals now get good salary packages from their employers. Even the salaries of government servants have become handsome. Two years ago my brother-in-law purchased a Samsun LCD TV with home theater system … Read more

5.5″ ENERGY CB-10 Book Shelf Speakers

You people like to listen to songs and watch movies in high volume. They often buy book self speakers to satisfy their taste. Speakers for bookshelf come in a variety of sizes and power. I have tested 5.5″ ENERGY CB-10 Book Shelf Speakers. It comes with 5.5″ woofers and -inch hyperbolic aluminum dome tweeters. It … Read more

Build you home speakers

My daughters are fond of music. Elder one likes listen her favorite songs whenever she is free. Few weeks ago she complained that one of her speakers are not producing sound perfectly. When I took it to to repair shop, the technician told me that one of the component has burnt out. I would like … Read more

Buy home speakers at reasonable prices

Are you thinking of buying home speakers? I recommend you to buy customized speakers. There are companies that can design speakers according to your specification and room size. Aperionaudio.com makes good quality speakers. It is an online company and offers good warranty and customer support to its customers. This online company has won many awards … Read more