India walking tightrope in intra-Islam cold war in West Asia – Sunni Arabs want India’s support

India is trying hard not to take sides in what seems to be heading towards an intra-Islam cold war in West Asia.

India is in problem. It would be very difficult for Indian to remain neutral. Gulf countries will not like this and India cannot afford to anger Arabs because of its interests in the Gulf.

Time of India said:

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, where India has high stakes; have been trying to get New Delhi to see the evolving crisis from their point of view. For some time, GCC countries have been telling India to try to influence Iran’s behaviour, which they see as destabilizing.

We all know that India depends on Arabs for energy and there are 6 million Indian work in the Gulf. India will suffer a huge blow if it does not support the Sunni world.