Buy exquisite wedding announcements cards

class-wed-inv  prints exquisite wedding announcements cards at reasonable prices. They use high quality materials and thermography to print cards. The company’s name is 1st Class Wedding Invitations. I urge you to take a look at their Asian, Beach / Ocean, Castle / Fairytale, Floral and Religious themes collections. You will find an excellent theme for your card.

Their website is very simple and elegant. They have categorized themes for their customers, so they can find things easily. You can even search themes by color and paper types. You can use their Zoom feature to see how these cards will look after printing.

The ordering process is very simple. They even allow you to personalize you invitation card. You can add or modify verses and choose you own wordings and phrases. You can proof online before placing an order using their Online Proof System. You can ask for printed proofs. However, it will cost you 25.00 per proof.

They also have included tips to assemble and mail your wedding invitations.

In short, you should use their professional and friendly service to make your important day a success.