Taliban attacks CNBC team near Sultanabad

This news reports say that CNBC was attacked by Taliban when they tried to enter Sultanabad. Some of the militants responsible for the attack was arrested  by Chaudhry Aslam’s team.They  were attacked by them on December 5, 2012. Nadia Mirza said her team was attacked when they were returning from the areas after their doing their program.
Police officer tells Nadia Mirza that the people who are operating in the area are using Taliban’s name. He said we have not find genuine Taliban yet.
Chaudhry Aslam told us that Nadia Mirza’s team was attacked because they did not want know the world they are operating in the area. Nadia put a question to Mr. Aslam how did these militant group established themselves in the areas.
He said that it was wrong to say that police remained silent when these groups were consolidating their positions in these areas. He added that Police took actions in the areas in 2007 and 2008.
He said that Police is fighting a war with them. Though it is not their job. Police’s job is to maintain law and order. People should appreciate works of CID.
Mr. Aslam said that it was not possible to carry out a fullfledge operation in those areas because people and media raise hue and cry. He informed us that police and rangers have carried out operations in these areas despite difficulties. He told Nadia that they are involved in different types of crimes, including kidnapping and extortion. He accepted that they are involved in a number of crimes. He also informed us that TTP has killed 28 CID officials.