the 47-year record of inflation has been broken in Pakistan

Rising inflation in the country has made it difficult for people to live, the 47-year record of inflation has been broken.


According to the details, the Bureau of Statistics has released the latest monthly inflation data.

An increase in the inflation rate was recorded by 2.4 percent in one month, while the overall inflation was recorded at 27.3 percent in the month of August. Last year, the inflation rate was 8.4% in the month of August.

The rate of inflation in cities was recorded at 26.2 percent while the rate of inflation in rural areas reached 28.8 percent.

In one year, dal masoor became expensive by 114.34%, dal mash by 52.70%, onion by 90.14% while tomatoes became expensive by 38.02%.

The price of edible oil increased by 74.66% and the price of ghee by 70% in one year. In the same period, the price of chicken also increased by 60%.

Vegetables became expensive by 41.62% and spices by 17.43% in one year.

In the last one year, the per unit price of electricity has increased by 123.37% while the prices of petroleum products have increased by 84.21%.

In one year, stationery became expensive by 44.12% and clothes by 23.53%.

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