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A rifle scope’s primary component is a metal tube that houses glass lenses. But there are more than one or two of them, and they all play different roles from one another. I will concentrate on the separate parts of best rifle scopes in this article because they are now the most common variety. With the obvious exception of an erector system that can move laterally, the system within a fixed-power scope is nearly identical to that of a variable-power scope.

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What is the real process by which light travels from being reflected off of a thing to being projected into your eye? Let’s follow it from beginning to end.

The sun is the primary source of visible light. The light is reflecting off of everything, which can be seen. This is the only perspective available to us. When there is more light, our vision improves and we are able to see more clearly. Our eyes become overstimulated and unable to adjust when the light is excessively bright, which results in pupil dilation and ultimately blindness for those who are exposed to it.

Light was traditionally assumed to exist in the form of a wave, and while this is true in a technical sense, more recent research has suggested that light can also exist in the form of a particle… in certain circumstances. According to a theory known as wave-particle duality, it is possible for it to be both of those things at the same time.

Nevermind. That is going to have to wait till the second part. Or never. Let the neanderthals figure that one out. Even if you are not familiar with theoretical physics, we will still be able to explain the fundamentals of a changeable telescopic optic system.

From one end to other end in rifle scopes

You have to orient your scope in the direction of the target so that it may “capture” the light that bounces off of it in every direction. Imagine your eye to be the image sensor of a camera, and your scope to be the lens of a cyborg camera system. The scope performs a great number of unseen and highly technical functions, all of which are essential to achieving a clear image and shooting without making any mistakes.

Objective lens in rifle scopes

Light particles (or waves) enter the rifle scopes huge objective lens to be captured and sent to your eye. Due to the target distance, the image enters the objective lens upside-down.

Chemicals are used to cover objective lenses. These coatings filter light, decrease glare and collect the most light. Color-selective coatings exist.

This improves performance in low light or grey skies. The color filters on many Leupold rifle scopes provide increased resolution and target separation in low light.

The objective lens focuses light. In a “first focal plane” or “front-focal” sight, the reticle is there. You’ll see why soon. Assured.

Erector System

The erector system is the name of the following component in the sequence. This comprises of a series of two lenses that work together to invert the image so that it reads in the correct direction from top to bottom. Additionally, this is the location where the elevation adjustment of the reticle is made. When rotated, the turret at the top of the scope triggers a spring mechanism that modifies the image of the target or, in extremely unusual circumstances, the actual physical position of the reticle itself.


The erector system magnifies images. Two lenses move in synchrony along a track carved into an inner, secondary tube. Lenses constrict and expand, magnifying the image.

These two lenses produce a second focal point (and plane). In a “rear-focal” scope, the reticle is between the erector system and the eyepiece.

The reticle isn’t magnified because it’s behind the magnification system. In a first focus plane sight, the reticle is in front of the erector mechanism, creating the first focal plane. It magnifies everything in front of it. As magnification increases, FFP reticles “grow.”

Longer tubes give the erector system’s two lenses more room to move. More magnification is possible as they move apart.

A scope like the Swarovski z8i 1-8x is small because of this. For more on the trade-off between form factor and magnification, see our page on rifle scope weight.

NX8™ Riflescopes

NX8 riflescopes evolved from our legendary NXS series – scopes proven over two decades in the hands of the U.S. Military, hunters, and competitive shooters in the harshest environments on the planet. NX8 riflescopes build on this reputation with new technology and a stunning 8x zoom range that is razor-sharp at every setting, a task that has plagued optical designers for decades.

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