Djokovic ‘s ATP ranking plummeted

Novak Djokovic won his eighth Wimbledon and 21st Grand Slam, although his ATP ranking plummeted from third to seventh. Rafael Nadal, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Kasper Ruud, Carlos Alcaraz passed him. Wimbledon wasn’t played for points this year, which hurt Djokovic. The ATP and WTA responded to Wimbledon’s decision to ban Russian and Belarusian tennis players.


“The most embarrassing ATP list in history is out!”

The Serbian public is upset that their national hero is the conflict’s largest victim. Telegraph adds, “This has never happened in history. Novak won Wimbledon and plummeted to seventh in the rankings.

Djokovic won Wimbledon, but he dropped from first to seventh on the ATP list. The ATP-Wimbledon conflict hurt last year’s successful players the most, especially Novak, who won, defended, and lost 2,000 points.

“The most awful ATP list in history has been published: Novak was deprived of 2000 points and slowed down to a record!” “The strangest ATP ranking ever. Novak Djokovic is the seventh-ranked player after winning Wimbledon. The ATP didn’t score Wimbledon because of cheap political games, the ejection of Russians and Belarusians.

Only tennis players, especially Novak Djokovic, were affected in England. He lost 2000 points and four places. He broke all ATP records long ago, but he lacks the immortal record in male and female absolute competition.

Steffi Graf holds the record with 377 first-place finishes. Novak’s ‘punishment’ after Wimbledon slows him down on his route to a record.

Nick Kyrgios couldn’t enjoy his professional achievement, which is strange. He’s now 45th in the world. Novak defended his championship, but he didn’t win.

Matteo Berrettini, last year’s finalist, also lost. Regardless his performance, he started minus 1200 points. So Berrettini is now 15th. Rafael Nadal lost only 360 points and is now third.