The common habit that can cause memory impairment


This has been revealed in a new medical research / File Photo


Do you often forget things or things? So it may be because of a habit of yours.


Yes, being anxious often can lead to memory impairment.


This claim was revealed in a new medical study conducted in Britain.



The common thing that can weaken your memory increases the speed of memory decline in low-income middle age, research

from Imperial College London examined how the memory of people who are often worried or worried is.


For this purpose, people were surveyed to assess the extent to which they remembered different events in their lives and then compared it to the effects on five personal characteristics such as reacting to a negative event, interest in the outside world, clarity, situational compatibility, and conscious awareness.


The research found that certain personality traits affect a person’s memory.


According to research, people who are more anxious and irritable perform worse in memory tests.


Reacting to a negative event is often linked to psychological problems, potentially having negative effects on memory as well, researchers said.


Similarly, a situational trait has also been linked to memory impairment, but according to the researchers, the reason for this is not yet clear.


The research found that people who are clean or interested in things out of the routine, their memory is also better.


Researchers believe that memory benefits over time from activities that stimulate the brain and body.


Such people also have a low rate of worms in the brain and body, which also benefits memory.


The findings were published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.