The employees of Google and Amazon took to the streets. They don’t want to make military technology for Israel

In four cities, big groups of protesters have gathered outside the offices of tech giants. The employees of Google and Amazon do not want to work on the Nimbus project, which the Israeli government has given to Americans to work on. The contract is about making tools to keep Palestinians under control. The tech experts at the largest companies don’t want anything to do with military technology.(“Pracownicy Google i Amazon Wyszli Na Ulice. Nie Chcą Tworzyć Izraelskiej Technologii Wojskowej. | Antyweb”)

Do not want to make military technology for Israel

The people who work at Amazon and Google do not want to contribute to racial harassment. Nimbus is still a project with a lot of questions about it. The Israeli government is paying for it. At first, it was going to be done by Microsoft and Oracle, but during the talks, Google and Amazon joined forces, which put a “dot over an i.” Machine learning tools that protesters say will lead to apartheid are expected to come from these two groups.

The technology that the Google and Amazon teams are supposed to work on is said to give Israel access to software that can recognize faces, track objects, and read emotions. The Israeli military is working on a program called “Blue Wolf” to keep an eye on Palestinians living in areas that Israel has taken over, according to The Washington Post. Nimbus could be the missing piece of the puzzle that leads to racial abuse. Employees of companies and human rights groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are all against this.

During yesterday’s protests, hundreds of Google and Amazon employees asked their companies to stop working with Israel. The most people gathered in front of Google’s office in New York: “The Nimbus project is not the first time Google has tried to work for the military, and it won’t be the last. “Please help us keep Google from being involved in apartheid,” said a Google engineer at a rally in New York, Gabrel Schubiner. Protests happened outside Google offices in San Francisco, Seattle, and Durham, North Carolina, all at the same time. Neither company has made an official statement yet.