The feeling of kindness and empathy can be very important for your psychological and emotional Health

London: Experts have been trying for a long time to find out whether kindness, generosity, helping others and contributing to the welfare of society can lead to happiness and health. Now experts are becoming convinced that the habit of kindness can be beneficial for your health.


In this regard , Dr. Meena Indiapen and his colleagues have conducted a survey and obtained more evidence. According to him, people work in two ways for happiness and well-being, first is those who look inside themselves and take care of their body, such as spending money on themselves, like to wear nail polish and good clothes, etc., the second type is of people who buy things for others, share their hands and are full of feelings of sympathy all the time.

Now those who have the attitude of helping others by rising above themselves, their mental health is better than others and they are a little happier. Surprisingly, depression and anxiety also begin to decrease in such people. One of the reasons for this is that by cooperating with people in more trouble than yourself, the intensity of your own pain decreases and the heart is shocked.

On the other hand, with the help of strangers, your social circle expands and you are also happy to increase these contacts. This leads to a positive trend.

The second important thing is that when they thank others after helping them, it has a positive effect on nature and their effect remains for a long time. That’s why psychologists have described kindness, empathy, and a spirit of support as very important for your health.

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