The fifteenth case of polio to be reported in Pakistan

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH),. Polio case was reported after the boy contracted the disease. An official from the National Institutes of Health was mentioned in an article published by the Dawn newspaper as saying that all of the victims this year are children younger than two years old, and that the only instance outside of North Waziristan was reported in Lakki Marwat last month.

polio cases in Pakistan
The fifteenth case of polio to be reported in Pakistan in this year
Because there is currently no treatment for polio, immunisation is the most reliable means of preventing the disease—
File photo: AFP

In spite of the stormy weather, vaccination efforts have reportedly proceeded across the country as part of the national anti-polio programme, as stated in a statement issued by the NIH.

Since the beginning of the ongoing nationwide polio vaccination campaign on August 22, health workers have been facing the threat of severe rains and floods in order to reach children in all locations that are accessible to them.

In April of this year, Pakistan reported its first case of polio after being free of the disease for nearly 15 months; in comparison, the country had only one case of polio in all of 2017.

The poliovirus is the causative agent of polio, a disease that is extremely contagious and primarily strikes children younger than 5 years old.

This virus has the potential to infect the neurological system, resulting in paralysis and possibly even death.

Vaccination is the most effective form of protection against this disease as there is currently no treatment available for it.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only two countries in which polio is still a threat, despite the fact that widespread vaccinations have prevented the disease from affecting millions of children and rendered practically every nation polio-free.