The medical benefits of marriage emerged

A study done in the European country of Norway found that getting married in middle age or later has more health benefits. Several studies on marriage and celibacy have been done in the past, and many of the good things about marriage have been pointed out. Now, research from Norway has shown that people who are married are less likely to have mental illness or other problems as they get older.

benefits of marriage Munaeems Blog February 8 2023
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A study published in the medical journal “National Library of Medicine” (NIH) found that people who get married when they are middle-aged or older have a much lower chance of getting brain problems like dementia when they are older.

Dementia is a disease for which there isn’t yet a cure. However, it can be kept under control with different medicines and diets. But there are medications for mental disorders, and most of them don’t help.

In this way, many studies have shown that memory loss and mental inactivity are closely linked to getting older. This means that these diseases happen to everyone as they get older. But there are many ways to stop them, and marriage is one of them. In Norway, experts interviewed more than 8,700 men and women between the ages of 44 and 65 as part of the study.

During the survey, experts also looked at how old the volunteers were when they got married, how many children they had, what they did every day, and what they ate. Later, these people, including their brain function, were checked for dementia and other mental problems.

The volunteers included people who were single, divorced, or had estranged spouses. During the study, people who did not have a spouse were more likely to have dementia.

Experts have found that people with strong marriages have slightly better mental health and are more mentally active. Experts said, though, that it’s not 100% true that marriage protects against dementia in old age. However, the results showed that married people have up to 8% less chance of getting the disease.

Experts don’t know for sure how married people stay mentally active and don’t get dementia, but it seems that having children and families keeps them from being lonely. They are also socially active, which may be why they are mentally active as well. Experts say that married people also help each other, which is good for their mental and emotional health and makes them physically fit, too.