The rise and fall of Gadoon Industries

It gave me a shock when I read this report. ANP raises hue and cry over Kalabagh Dam, but never raised their voice on this issue, which has made more than sixty thousands people jobless.

According to Rangeen Shah, former secretary of the Gadoon Chamber of Commerce and Industry withdrawal of incentive packaged caused the closure of the Package. He said:

With incentives withdrawn in 1991, Gadoon ceased to attract fresh investment and the factories already there mostly closed down or began minimal production. Out of 270 units in operation then, around 120 are running round the clock or in one or two shifts. However, it were the small industries that were closed and the bigger ones who had built huge infrastructure were constrained to be retained and even expanded.

He added:

But when these incentives were withdrawn, industries went into losses. At its peak, there were around 80,000 employees in the estate but their number is around 16,000 these days. Out of 270 factories, only 73 are fully operational of late. No new factory has been established since then