The Taliban seem to have the backing of “authoritative forces

Special Report, NOS, The News International

senior police officer, who also did not want to disclose his name, says the Taliban seem to have the backing of “authoritative forces” and, therefore, no action could easily be taken against them.

According to him, in some cases when the police tried to move against the religious extremist elements, they received calls from some agencies threatening them to let go of the extremists.

the police and other law-enforcement agencies are avoiding a direct fight with the Taliban as they believe these elements enjoy the backing of the authoritative forces. Th

Tahir Hasan Khan is the second journalists who have said that some security agency people are supporting Taliban. Earlier  Ayesha SIddiqa revealed this in her ariticle.

Mr. Tahir tells that Taliban have established themselves in different part of Karachi and trying to impose their ideology on the people of the area.