The US lifts ban against Mr. Modi

Modi_USA  The US has softened its stance towards Mr. Modi after UK’s decision. The US US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Robert Blake said he could apply for visa. The US has refused to give visa to Mr. Modi after Godra riots. Mr Black said:

..And in terms of Mr Modi, I do not want to speculate. He is free to apply for another visa whenever he chooses and the system will take its course.

Muslims will have to change their behavior too. They must to mend relations with him. They must think about the problems faced by Muslims in Gujrat and try to solve. This can only happen if they have good relations with Gujrat officials. We cannot end Hindu-Muslim friction in a day. It will take time. Economic boom will divert people’s mind from crimes.

The UK and the US ended their boycott for the sake of their national interests. Muslims should follow them.