The western US, including California, is experiencing a historic heat wave

An unprecedented heat wave is affecting the western United States, including the state of California. The temperature has reached a record high during this heat wave, which has increased demand for electricity and revealed more instances of forest fires. The heat wave began on August 30 and is expected to end on September 5 and 6, after which the temperature will gradually drop.

experiencing a historic heat wave
Credit : AP

This prediction comes from the Meteorological Department. An American heat wave is predicted; electric vehicle charging is prohibited. A heat wave in China is causing forest fires. The city is named after the first heat wave in the world There has been a severe heat warning issued for 50 million people in the area. Experts claim that this is the worst September heat wave in the history of the western United States. Death Valley recorded a temperature of over 48 degrees Celsius, and on September 6 it is expected to reach 52 degrees Celsius.

Experts claim that climate change has led to an increase in weather severity. Customers have been urged to use less electricity in the afternoon and evening as a result of the heat’s significant increase in demand for electricity. Wildfires in Northern California have been sparked by rising temperatures, forcing thousands of residents to evacuate. More than 5,200 acres have been burned by a wildfire north of Los Angeles, and at least eight firefighters have been hurt. On the other hand, a fire in the forests of northern California’s county claimed the lives of two people. Additionally, there have been wildfires in some areas of Oregon, and the governor last week declared a state of emergency.