Three serious violations by Imran Khan, according to Toshakhana Reference 

According to the Toshakhana Reference brought against the former prime minister Imran Khan, he committed three serious offences.

Toshakhana Reference 

First first, Imran Khan kept presents that were worth more than Rs 140 million in the declaration of assets and liabilities but neglected to reveal them.

Second, in addition to the fact that the former premier took numerous gifts home for free, he also kept goods at prices that were significantly lower than those he was legitimately required to pay in accordance with Toshakhana norms and law.

And last, after selling some priceless items on the open market, Imran Khan made payments to retain them.

A PMLN MNA has filed a reference with the Election Commission of Pakistan asking for Imran Khan to be disqualified from serving in the National Assembly due to misleading asset declarations in the statement of assets and liabilities.

Every year, each MNA must submit a statement of assets and liabilities to the Pakistani Election Commission detailing all of their assets, both moveable and immovable. Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi kept a number of presents totaling more than 140 million rupees. However, Khan omitted them from his account of assets and liabilities presented to the ECP.

Imran Khan’s returns for the fiscal years 2018–19 and 2019–20 contain no mention of any of the Toshakhana presents that were kept. However, he hurriedly disclosed one of the most costly watches he had in his possession—costing over Rs101 million—in his tax filings for the fiscal year 2020–21, only after the retention of Toshakhana products by him turned into the biggest corruption scandal in the nation.

Additionally, at this time his wife Bushra Bibi did not submit any returns. In reality, she has never filed a return in her life and only recently registered with Pakistan’s tax officials in July 2021.

Imran Khan paid a total of Rs38.17 million against the retained gifts worth Rs142.0421 million, according to data from the Cabinet Division. Additionally, he kept presents worth Rs. 800,200 without having to pay the required 50% retention fee.

Imran Khan also broke the law by taking gifts home instead of putting them in the Toshakhana. Instead of paying for Toshakhana’s gifts out of his own pocket, the former prime minister first sold the jewels on the open market before putting 20% of the proceeds into the government’s treasury.

After his government changed the Toshakhana guidelines and set the gift retention price at 50% of its original worth, the then-prime minister retained the majority of presents at a rate of 20% of their value. Evidently, Toshakhana never received these gifts. Any present received by a government official must be recorded right away so that its worth can be determined. After that, if the recipient wants to keep it, they must deposit a certain sum.