Timber framed construction has become very popular

Timber framed construction has become very popular. The houses constructed this way are environment friendly. We know that timber is a natural insulator so timber frame buildings have excellent thermal efficiency .

Timber framed construction

What is Timber Frame Construction?

Building homes and medium-rise structures with a timber frame is becoming more and more popular.

Despite the fact that there are numerous well-researched systems that use timber frame as a foundation, timber frame construction is not a system of building.

Timber studs, rails, and a structural sheathing board are used in timber frame construction to create a structural frame that transfers all vertical and horizontal loads to the foundations.

Is it less expensive to build a house with a timber frame than one with masonry or brick and block? Anyone considering a self-build will be most concerned with the expense of the project and how to finance it. Of course, other factors to consider include the cost of insurance for the property and the potential for a profitable sale. A timber frame home might be much more affordable than a brick one with a good concept. The cost of a brick versus wood house is primarily influenced by how quickly and easily it is built.

Typically, the manufacturer produces timber frames off-site and delivers them in pre-assembled parts. Then, in a relatively short period of time, this kit can be put together on the foundations. Masonry construction takes significantly longer since each brick must be put in place individually. On the other hand, a timber frame can be fully constructed in a few days. With less than a week, the construction may be made waterproof by wrapping the frame in a plastic membrane after it has been put together. After that, internal construction may start and the main frame can be built in any weather. This can be a significant benefit given the wet British environment.

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