Topless Kate photos in French mag upset UK royals


French magazine Closer published a series of photos of Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, sunbathing topless on Friday, dealing a fresh blow to the royal family as it tries to move on from a scandal over naked shots of Prince Harry.   
The publication reopens a debate over the privacy of Britain’s royal family and the freedom of the press just weeks after a US website published grainy photos of William’s younger brother Harry cavorting naked in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Topless Kate photos in French mag upset UK royals – The Express Tribune
Those who were lecturing us on the issue of freedom of express have started a debated on the subject.  When we live in a society,we have to consider about the feelings of others too.  Our democrats living in US and Europe lectures us a lot on this. But when the same thing hurts them they call for restriction.
The statement issued by Mrs. Clinton is outrageous. She said:

Now, I would note that in today’s world with today’s technologies, that is impossible. But even if it were possible, our country does have a long tradition of free expression which is enshrined in our constitution and our law, and we do not stop individual citizens from expressing their views no matter how distasteful they may be.”
The Internet has enabled to read things happening in America and Europe and we know how much freedom they allow to their citizens.