Turkish Airlines Economy Class is good : Karachi to Munich

My son-in-law and daughter chose and booked Turkish Airlines Economy Class Ticket.

I was a bit apprehensive about their quality of service. Reviews posted online and YouTube were not comprehensive and they left many important points.

Majority of these vlogs on YouTube were made by amateur vloggers. They left many important things which are needed by common passe

My flight TK709 was on time. I was sitting in Gate Number 21 at the Jinnah Terminal. When the announcement was made about boarding, I moved towards the boarding gate. We were greeted by the members of the crew. They directed to my seat. It was a window.

The seat was comfortable. My height is normal like most Pakistanis. I seated comfortably and started exploring the screen and other materials for passengers.

The beautiful crew member distributed a kit, which consisted of a pair of socks, earphone and blind fold for passengers who want to sleep.

After sometime they started distributing food tray to passengers. Food was delicious.

The plane flew smoothly across the sky. I enjoyed the view and took video shots on several occasions.

Weather was fine. However, we faced a little delay because of traffic congestion at the airport. After 20 minutes delay , the plane landed smoothly.

As I was an International Transfer passenger, I followed the signs carefully and also asked at the Transfer where should I go now. He  cordially asked me to get into the lines at the International Transfers. It was written in Orange Board.

Here, they screened our luggage. The asked us to remove our jackets, belts and watches.

I was well prepared for this, I had put my belt, chargers and smartphone into a plastic bag. I put this and my hand carry bag into a tray and put my jacket into another tray. My things swiftly passed the machine without giving any alert.

Important Tip

As you know no boarding gate was given on the boarding pass.

Now you have to look on the boards to find your gate number. Pay attention to the time mention on the boarding pass. My time was 16:25 . So looked for this.

16:25 TK1635 Munich. it showed that gate number will be given at 14:55.

I had equipped my self with many important apps. Turkish Airlines App and Istanbul airport Whatsapp number.

Turkish Airlines App showed Gate no. B13. Airport Whatsapp account did not show any gate number. I asked officer at Gate B13 to confirm the boarding gate number. They requested me to wait and see it on the  Terminal.

I took a seat at the boarding gate B13.

After something Airport Whatsapp account showed the gate no. B13. There was no sign on the board.

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Istanbul Airport Whatsapp Response

When it showed the gate number, I become relaxed and took a look at the airport.

I returned back to gate number B13 and saw officers were gathering at the B13 Gate counter. When the Gate number was displayed on Terminal I approached the officer at Gate No. B13. He checked my passport and stamped on my boarding pass and asked me to wait as boarding Time was 15:15 (Istanbul Time)

At 15:15 , the officer made an announcement about the boarding, I started moving to wards the gate number B13.

The plane took off smoothly and I head towards Munich. As the weather was not good , the plane experienced mild turbulence, but the plane landed at the Munich Airport. I went through the Immigration smoothly and took my luggage and head for train with my daughter and son-in-law.