Two arrested Muslim men released. Charges proved to be wrong

Terror_suspectsSyed Yusuf Nalaband and Muthi ur-Rehman Siddiqui are two young Indian Muslim who had been arrested on by police on false murder charges. Police arrested them on the suspicion that they were part of a group who planned to killed journalist and right-wing leaders.

The ordeal they went through is agonizing.  However, it is good to see that there are good officials who can fight against injustices.

Though Nalaband lamented that they were treated like this because of their religion.  Mr. Siddiqui’s statement gives us hope that Indian Muslims will not taken up extremism. He said:

I would like to go back to journalism and do things for people like me. Not just Muslims, but people who are denied justice and who are persecuted. There is also a sense of fair play. We can still hope that in the end we will get justice. Justice was delayed but it was not denied.

The government should reprimand  for their bias approach. It has been proved in a number of cases that they fabricate charges against accused people.  They did the same thing against the Malegaon blasts case arrested people.