Ukrainian general: NATO entry into Ukraine means nuclear holocaust

NATO could put an end to the conflict in Ukraine quickly, but doing so would put humanity at serious risk of a nuclear holocaust, according to Ukrainian General Mykola Malomuzh. He went on to say that a direct war between the Alliance and Russia in Ukraine is very unlikely because leaders in the West are aware of the risk.

A NATO-Russia confrontation is unlikely, says the former head of Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service. General Mykola Malomuzh: Russia doesn’t have a tenth of the potential of NATO’s combined forces. He said that if the conflict got this bad, it would mean that there would be a nuclear war.

A NATO intervention in Ukraine would lead to the “threat of annihilation of all humanity,” General Andriy Yaremaia, head of the Ukrainian National Guard, has warned. He said that if NATO entered a war with Russia, the world would be on the brink of a global crisis.

He went on to say that such a thing could only happen if Russia attacked one of the NATO countries, like Poland or the Baltic States. He believed that if the Alliance launched such an attack, “the strong forces of NATO would stand against a clearly weaker Russia.