Understanding ISO 20022 and its Structure

In this video we will do a deep dive on ISO20022 SWIFT messaging Standard for Cross Border Payments . We covered Cross Border Payments in the last video and this video is a further extension to it . It talks about the need of ISO 20022 and how its formed and also a comparison with the existing MT Series . Since this covers end to end explanation the video is around 45 minutes. Therefore , if you wish to skip to a particular section you can use This timeline index . That said, if you are new to this topic then I will strongly recommend you to see the entire video for maximum effectiveness and understanding. Chapters: Introduction : 00:00:00 Why is ISO 20022 needed? : 00:01:53 Does Everyone need to Migrate to ISO 20022 : 00:10:34 Structuring of a Simple ISO 20022 Format Credit Transfer Message : 00:16:11 Comparison between MT and MX Series Flow : 00:36:50 Comparison between MT and MX Series Structure : 00:40:56


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