Use Gel soles to eliminate high heel pains and Odor

HBN Shoe has made an announcement that they will offer a 15% discount and free shipping to their customers. The company  said that they have improved their consumer product, Insolia® High Heel Inserts. They have improved the appearance of their inserts and gel soles. They are now using an improved anti-bacterial adhesive.

Simple shoe inserts called gel insoles increase comfort while also giving the lower back, legs, and feet some much-needed support. The gel insole is frequently found in shoe stores as well as other types of retail stores and is purchased separately from the footwear. Depending on the gel insole’s precise design, it can just act as a cushion or it might also give you a massage when you walk on it.

gel soles

Insolia Inserts  are very popular. A podiatrist and an MIT rocket scientist  recommend it to their patients. They recommend it because Insolia helps people to shift their weight comfortably. This action eliminates high heel pains and discomfort. Finally, women can feel comfortable all day in any high heel of their choice.

They have used “Natural Elements’, a unique eco-friendly antibacterial silver ion technology. This technology helps in the prevention of bacterial growth that causes order.