Wali Khan Babar’s Case: The last witnessed killed because of police negligence

Killers have executed Haider ali aka saleem. He was one of the witnesses in Wali Khan Babar’s case. There were six people who had dared to identify the killers. Now all them have are gone. We will never who killed GEO’s reporter.

Who are responsible for the deaths of six witnesses? I will put the blame on the police. They failed to provide security to them despite Sindh High Court’s Order.

Before his death, he had appeared before a Judicial Magistrate and identified the faces of the accused. The question is: How did killers find his address? He had gone underground and only few officers knew about his new location.

Karachi Police’s inefficiency can be gauged from the death of their informer Rajab Bengali. How did his killers find him? It means someone from the police department tipped killers about his whereabouts.