Want to remove Google Meet tab from Gmail, follow this step-by-step process

With the introduction of Google Meet in Gmail, it has become easier for users to do video conferencing along with sending messages. However, many users are having trouble in checking mail from this tab. That’s why we are going to tell a way by which tabs can be removed.

Munaeems Blog February 6 2023

The giant tech company Google recently added Google Meet on its Gmail. This has made it easier for users from sending messages to video conferencing. However, there are many users who did not like the Google Meet tab on Gmail. They believe that with the introduction of the Google Meet tab, checking mail on Gmail has become a bit difficult. If you are also one of those users, then we will tell you a way here, with the help of which you will be able to remove Google Meet tab from Gmail.

How to remove Google Meet tab for desktop users

Open Gmail and go to Settings option
Here you will get the option of Chat and Meet, click on it
Now you will see the option to turn off Google Chat and Meet here, hide both of those options
After this the tab of Google Meet will stop showing on the desktop version.

How to Disable Google Meet Tab for Android and iPhone Users

Open gmail
Click on the three line icon
You will get the setting option, click on it
After doing this, click on the Google account on which you want to remove the Google Meet tab.
Now scroll down, here you will find the option of Google Chat and Meet
Here you can turn off both the options
After this you will not get the tab of Google Meet on Gmail

Amazing feature added to Google Meet last year

For your information, we tell you that Google added the noise cancellation feature in Google Meet last year. Through this feature, the noise generated in the background can be stopped during the video call. The company says that this feature is based on artificial intelligence technology. Through this feature, users can block pets in the background and noise coming from nearby construction sites during video calls.