We did Swat operation half-heartedly

Swatting at flies – The Express Tribune

Clear and hold’ was a success in Swat, army mandarins will tell you. We’ve flushed out insurgents from the area, created space between them and the population and largely denied them access and freedom of movement in the Valley.
But it’s the ‘build and transfer’ part — constructing hospitals, schools and roads, bringing in jobs and businesses, and then transferring the area to a stable government and civilian security force — where the army says it has faced difficulty. As one recently retired security official put it: “We can’t simply kill our way out of Swat. If the civilians were ready to take over, the army chief would order a troop pullout tomorrow.”

The problem is that we did not go after the hardcore militants when we suffered heavy losses and tried to give the impression that we have flushed out the area. The question is: Why failed to drive militants out?
We did not have proper equipments and arms to fight militants. FC commander recently lamanted that they do not have arms and amunition to fight militants. It means government is not sincere in taclking the situation.
The big problem is that federal government does not have money to build schools, colleges and other infra structure in Swat. Tourism industry has been destroyed because of militancy.