Western diplomats understand the importance of MQM and Karachi

Mr. Salhuddin Haider’s piece on MQM has not surprised me.  He is of the opinion that western countries have once again jumped into our political scene.  He adds that western countries whose investment in Karachi has persuaded MQM to review its decision. MQM has sent back governor Ebad back after their persuasion.  Their may me some truth in his statement.

There is nothing wrong in this if western diplomats have succeed in persuading Mr. Altaf to review his decision. This is the job of diplomats.

Mr. Salahudding Haider has failed the highlight the importance of Karachi in the eyes of his readers.

Western countries come into action to safeguard their economic interests.  Country’s politicians fail to understand the importance of Karachi and its economic activities in the city.  Karachi is regarded as the economic hub of the country. Our leaders allowed criminals to increase their influence in city.