What are the 5 foods that fight diarrhea?

Due to lack of proper health and hygiene facilities and eating stale food, various diseases are on the rise, among which diarrhea is at the forefront. Due to a poor hygiene system, diarrhea can affect people of all ages, but infants and young children are more susceptible to this disease.

In diarrhea, stomach cramps, the stomach becomes weak and nothing is digested, in this disease the stomach has to go to the bathroom every few minutes to get rid of the discomfort.

Symptoms of diarrhea:

Watery stools

Whenever someone eats something, they have to go to the bathroom immediately.




Diarrhea can affect appetite and can result in fever, fatigue, body aches, abdominal pain, confusion, weakness and dizziness, and symptoms can be exacerbated by eating poorly cooked food. 

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Experts say that eating the right foods can help cure diarrhea naturally.

What foods should be used during diarrhea?

During diarrhea, doctors recommend light meals, spicy foods can worsen the condition and further irritate the intestines, soft foods are easier to digest and absorb.

Doctors say that the following foods are healthy for all kinds of digestive problems, even diarrhea.





Boiled potatoes

Other foods that work well during diarrhea are oatmeal and hot cereals. 

In addition, drink plenty of water throughout the day, soup and coconut water will also help prevent dehydration in the body.