What causes acne fulminans and how it is treated ?

Acne fulminans is the worst kind of acne vulgaris. It can be so bad that you have to go to the hospital. This kind of acne comes on quickly and causes painful patches on the face, neck, chest, and back.

Causes of acne fulminans Munaeems Blog February 6 2023
acne fulminans Munaeems Blog

Acne fulminans is a severe form of acne. It gets its name from how quickly it shows up and gets worse. This is a rare type of acne. Other symptoms, like fever or arthritis, may also be present.

Acne fulminans appears about two years after the onset of acne vulgaris. Skin lesions appear on the face, arms and back, similar to other types of acne. In the case of fulminant acne, skin changes are much larger and more disruptive.

Symptoms of fulminans acne

Acne fulminant is characterized by the appearance of strong skin lesions that quickly turn into wounds, the skin is strongly irritated, red, painful, and in most cases fever and joint pain. These changes may include the face, chest, but also the skin of the back.

Causes of fulminans acne

The most common causes of fulminant acne include:

  • genetics, 
  • immune disorders, 
  • hormonal disorders (also strong fluctuations associated with puberty),
  • viral infections, 
  • excess androgens (and taking high doses of testosterone),
  • Oral isotretinoin treatment of acne vulgaris.

Isotretinoin is a vitamin A derivative and belongs to the group of retinoids that can be used in the treatment of severe forms of acne vulgaris. Due to its antibacterial properties, it releases inflammatory mediators, which can lead to exacerbation of skin lesions.

How is acne fulminans treated?

Acne fulminans may require hospitalization; start acne treatment as soon as possible to avoid scarring and other side effects of exacerbating symptoms. Corticosteroids and retinoids are taken orally. Home remedies for acne aren’t always enough.

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