What does Biden want to achieve in Israel? This may determine the future of the world

Russia has expanded its influence in the Middle East after America’s retreat. Biden flips the card. He traveled to Israel on Wednesday to build a new alliance to oppose Ukraine’s attackers. But he wants more.

Source: AP

This coming Wednesday in Tel Aviv, Joe Biden will witness his first weapons exhibition. Israel wants to demonstrate its top-notch air defense system to him at the airport.

Iron Dome is among Israel’s resources. Germans are interested in the Arrow 3 long-range missile interceptor.

Biden will see the Iron Ray, a gigantic laser that can kill drones and missiles (even mortars).

Increasing Middle East security is the goal of Biden’s visit. Technology from Israel is essential for defense. The Iron Ray could persuade a number of nations to strengthen their military ties with Israel, which optimists refer to as the “Middle East NATO.”

Donald Trump, Biden’s predecessor, arranged The Abrahamic Agreement with Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan. Israel has held joint military exercises with the UAE and Morocco.

In March, high-ranking military officials from Israel and six Arab countries, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, met in secret in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Biden will use these efforts in the Middle East.

Biden is tightening military cooperation in the Middle East so the US can focus on other regions. It wants to win over an area close to Russia and doesn’t want to denounce the invasion.

Official Saudi-Israeli cooperation would be a US foreign policy win and a long-awaited ambition for Israel. Sunni monarchy is the region’s most prominent player and Iran’s principal foe.

During the campaign, Biden criticised Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who ordered the murder of a Washington Post journalist.

The Saudi royal family is interested in deeper cooperation with Israel, but addressing the Jewish state is unpopular with the public.

Biden’s trip isn’t likely to yield a dramatic public breakthrough like Trump’s, but smaller symbolic steps: Saudi Arabia could grant EL AL flight rights. Or give Muslim Israelis direct flights.

Biden is first to fly directly from Israel to Saudi Arabia. “This journey will also be a little indication of the growing connection and normalisation measures between Israel and the Arab world,” he told the Washington Post.