What is SWhat is SWIFTNet Link?

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SWIFTNet Link is a SWIFT software product that allows you to connect to and use the SWIFTNet messaging services, including FIN, InterAct, FileAct, and Browse. The SWIFTNet PKI software is embedded in SWIFTNet Link.

SWIFTNet Link is intended to offer the following features:

• the bare minimum of functionality required to connect to and use SWIFTNet messaging services over the SWIFT secure IP network 

• technical interoperability between the requestor application and the network, as well as between the secure IP network and the responder application, at the customer end.

Basic functionality 

SWIFTNet Link’s core features include transport, formatting, security, and service management. Customers have a re-usable access infrastructure to SWIFTNet messaging services thanks to the SWIFTNet Link single-window concept.

Technical features 

SWIFTNet Link has the following features: 

• technical interoperability 

• application programming interfaces (APIs) 

• application programming interface functions 

• availability options 

• security management