What Is the SWIFTAlliance Gateway?

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The SWIFTAlliance Gateway (SAG) is an interface product for SWIFTNet. It incorporates all the functionality of the SWIFTNet Link. Additionally, it provides several different connectivity and usability features for SWIFTNet users, providing solutions to a variety of system integration problems.

The SAG supports several different modes of operation. One of these, the strict SWIFTNet Link Mode, is particularly relevant to the FileAct and InterAct adapters for SWIFT. In strict SWIFTNet Link Mode, the SAG presents a messaging interface that is functionally equivalent to the SWIFTNet Link interface as it is described throughout this guide.

The SAG serves as a message concentrator. It receives messages from various other applications and passes them through SWIFTNet. It receives these messages through host adapters, including a WebSphere MQ host adapter, which enables business applications running on a variety of different types of computing platforms to pass messages through SWIFTNet.